The Rainbow ends here!

It was reported to me today by my husband that a rainbow terminated just off the side of my driveway. How amazing! He said in all his 54 years he had never seen the end of a rainbow. He asked me if I had in my …hmmm  years? I replied,” no I hadn’t either”. Shortly after I regretted saying that, as I am sure I just lied. I had seen the beginning and the end of a rainbow many many times. In the sprinkler as a kid, in science class with the prisms, and even in parades. I didn’t set out to lie, it just happened. In honesty though, I did kind of answer truthfully. I had never seen a rainbow from actual rain end in front of me. I am sure that is what he was implying with his question.

Does that make me a liar? I mean, I answered the question for what I thought he was implying. Clinton did that with the whole “did you have sexual relations” question. Oh I know, I threw a politician in there. I know but it was a good example of how it can be an honest lie right?


Sometimes things just happen. It’s true. Call it fate, destiny, kismet, or anything else you like, our paths are determined by something much bigger than us. As I grow, I see things in new light. I can watch a person walk into a room and automatically they own it. What is that? Self help books describe using body language to work a room, but even in elementary school some kids just tend to stand out. They may be straight A or straight clown, but there is something to them, and people notice.

I often wonder what it is about me that people notice. I used to get a lot of comments about my smile, but not so much anymore. It’s obvious when people who know me, see me, and say smile it’s not that bad! And I’m not even in a bad mood, it’s just me in deep thought. The older me really misses the younger me. The younger me had no worries, no bills, no kids, no stress, no sadness, just smiles.

I spend a little time on Facebook, I dabble a bit… All day long I see the posts of people from high school and acquaintances I have met over the years sharing glimpses of their lives. Little snapshots of what represents their fears, loves, and interests. It never seems to amaze me how different people can be. Some want to show off and impress. While others just want to be connected. I just want to laugh again. The meme’s are funny and can be so insightful. It doesn’t take long to turn a  harmless joke into a source of very serious protest.

Someday’s I feel like the world just needs to smile more. I am not a religious person at all, but I believe in something much bigger than me. Last night I was outside with my kids and the sky created such a beautiful double rainbow and the backdrop was a purple and pink canvas. i know that it was magical because there were pictures all over Facebook today. Others saw what I saw and reveled in the beauty of the moment. It was truly something to behold. I am grateful that I was allowed to wake to another day and given another chance to catch a glimpse of how honest and raw nature can be!