The Rainbow ends here!

It was reported to me today by my husband that a rainbow terminated just off the side of my driveway. How amazing! He said in all his 54 years he had never seen the end of a rainbow. He asked me if I had in my …hmmm  years? I replied,” no I hadn’t either”. Shortly after I regretted saying that, as I am sure I just lied. I had seen the beginning and the end of a rainbow many many times. In the sprinkler as a kid, in science class with the prisms, and even in parades. I didn’t set out to lie, it just happened. In honesty though, I did kind of answer truthfully. I had never seen a rainbow from actual rain end in front of me. I am sure that is what he was implying with his question.

Does that make me a liar? I mean, I answered the question for what I thought he was implying. Clinton did that with the whole “did you have sexual relations” question. Oh I know, I threw a politician in there. I know but it was a good example of how it can be an honest lie right?