It’s been a long time coming!

Today is my service awards dinner to celebrate my 15 years with the company. Of course, there will be others celebrating a lot more time than my meager 15 years. Kudos to those people. Anything that can be sustained any amount of time is worth celebrating. Much like marriage. It should be celebrated too. These days, it is far to easy to throw in the towel and act as if you never loved, hated, fought or made-up. True fact, if you talked to your co-workers and argued like spouses often do, you wouldn’t make it to 15 years.

Maybe spouses should treat each other like business partners. When things get heated leave for 10 hours then return and do it again the next day. Have planning sessions to plan planning sessions, steal each others lunch from the fridge, and have your own bathrooms.  Now that is a novel idea! Take vacation away once a year and enjoy a few long weekends away. Just the thought of that is delicious.

Just food for thought…

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I spend everyday wishing I could win the lottery.

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