Being a mom of four, I tend to get teary at the craziest stuff. When I see my kids watching or doing anything amazing it makes me automatically tear up. It can be riding a carousel or baiting a fishing hook, it doesn’t really matter. Last night we went to the neighbors and did fireworks with him and his kids and grand kids.  I think it was the first time that I didn’t tear up. My youngest is now 9 and a half and I suddenly feel the burn of this era of my life ending. That should be enough to make anyone tear up!

I am at that awkward stage in life. I have 4 kids and I spaced them too far apart. I am still a mother to young kids and now beginning the grand parent stage. It is incredibly awkward. I am sad this morning when I think of not having that joyful tearful reaction that I have become as accustomed to as peeing when I laugh or sneeze. It has been a part of me for 22 years and it feels weird to not have that reaction.

There were a lot of kids and people and our dogs were moving all around. I did spend most of the time making sure that everyone was clear of the multiple tiny explosions and sparklers happening all at once. Maybe I was just to busy and preoccupied to take in the joy of the moment. And it was a beautiful moment…

I hope everyone enjoyed the night and was grateful for our freedom.