Day in and Day out

I was just cruising my college class discussion board and received feedback on a paper I submitted. I earned a 98! I yelled out to my hubby, ” hey, I got a 98 on my paper!” He replied, ” that’s nice dear.” I worked on my paper for 2 days in between building a fence for the daughters new horse and entertaining the neighbors. That was a solid grade for all that I did that weekend, all while sporting an injury. Someday’s I’d just like to have a personal cheerleader!

I work hard, I do the day in and day out routine. It’s not perfect, but I get the job done. my typical mornings Monday through Friday  look like this,

0500- get out of bed , start waking the devil child so I can be called all kinds of names at    0630 when she finally rouses and yells that I didn’t wake her at 0500.

0510- pour some coffee, look at my email from work,listen to the news. attempt to wake    the child.

0515-attempt number 3 at waking child. let puppy out, walk around the back yard saying over and over again… poopers… poopers…

0520- attempt 4 waking child. sit at computer and check personal email, look at class online. maybe pay some ebills!

0530- realize I can’t see a damn thing and look for the reading glasses that the hubby and I share.

0545- pour cup number two of liquid gold sanity. attempt number 5 to wake the devil. at this point I am considering calling the priest because I know where we are heading! In about 45 minutes the head will be spinning and I will be the most stupid incapable person on the planet who can’t do a damn thing right.

0600- start waking the sleeping beauty “the teenage daughter”. She is sometimes emotionally balanced, but those grenades do go off from time to time.

0610- attempt number 6 waking the devil and attempt number 2 at the sleeping beauty. turn on the flat iron for sleeping beauty and consider my clothing options for the day.

0615- Finally, sleeping beauty arouses. I feed the rabbit, the dog, and the puppy. attempt to wake the devil for the 7th time. This time as I exit the room I hear, ” you idiot, it’s not 5! I continue to exit and try not engage as the holy water has not been blessed this morning. I do however attempt to get an answer to, “what would you like for breakfast?” In an attempt to get out the door at a reasonable hour. To which I hear, ” I DON’T KNOW, because YOU didn’t wake me up!”

0617- the coffee has hit the spot. The devil has risen and now as I am on the potty myself, I hear, “Where’s my waffles?  I told you I wanted waffles!”

0618- off the potty, I say, ” you want waffles?” Devil replies, ” what else is there?” I go through the list again as if it has changed since 0615. Yes, “I want waffles, I told you to make me waffles.”

0620- waffle iron on! Batter made! we might make it out the door on time!

0630- these are disgusting,you didn’t do it right! Make me pop-tarts!  I choke down the anger and think about the year 2026… instantly my mind goes to a tropical hut on the water and I am watching the fish swim through the clear floor. it’s so peaceful here in the future. There is a warm breeze and I can hear the ocean waves lapping against the dock. Seagulls are flying overhead and making their ha ha haaa sounds.

0630 and 30 seconds…. where are my pop tarts and don’t forget the milk!

0650- time to get dressed! This becomes another chore, another 25 minutes trying to find clothes because what ever I put out is not going to be right. My child ends up looking like a disheveled mess heading off to school. I swear they must think I don’t care about my kid!  The truth is I know I care too too much. I try to make everyone happy and in the end, day in and day out I’m miserable. It is my own making, I did this to myself.




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I spend everyday wishing I could win the lottery.

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